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KTM 990 Series

The KTM 990 LC8 engine is one of the most exciting motorcycle engines around. Low weight, plenty of punch, and fast revving due to the very small flywheel.
But the LC8 suffers from the same low speed drivability problems as all other modern fuel injected bikes. This is caused by the extremely lean mixture the factories are forced to feed the engines, and the BoosterPlug offers a quick and efficient fix to the problem.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

A lot of people believe that the multi-adjustable Power Commander and a lot of Dyno hours is the only real solution to the well-known ridability issues, but the BoosterPlug is actually a very good alternative.
With the option to adjust every parameter in the fuel injection, owners take full responsibility for the mapping, and very few people or mechanics master the task of tweaking the fuel map correctly - even after a high number of Dyno hours.
So the BoosterPlug's solution where the air/fuel ratio is made 6% richer in all open loop situations is actually very good, and it's outperforming at least 80% of all Power Commander installations.