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Everyone in the BoosterPlug company are motorcycle riders, and over the years we have found a number of favorite accessories that we are using every day.

The criteria for being one of our favorite accessories are these:
- They must make our motorcycle trips easier/safer, or more fun (They must be useful for most bikers)
- The quality of the device must meet our standards (They must be so good that we want to use them ourselves)
- They must be inexpensive (They are small accessories, designed to make your motorcycle life a little better - we are not pretending they will change your life)

We are able to include these accessories with your BoosterPlug order at a very attractive price. This is possible because we can ship them with your BoosterPlug without going over the allowed weight limit for our parcels (Meaning that we can include them with your BoosterPlug order without increasing the shipping cost)

Have a look at our selected accessories below and order them with your BoosterPlug.

Please note that these accessories are an exclusive offer to our BoosterPlug customers and can only be ordered in combination with your BoosterPlug.

It is not possible to place an order for any of the accessories without purchasing a BoosterPlug.
  • Helmet Lock
    5,95 USD
  • Deer Whistle
    5,95 USD
  • Multi Tool
    9,95 USD