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MV Agusta 4 Cylinder Series


Making Fuel Injection Tuning simple

The modern fuel injected MV Agusta have plenty of top end power, but like all other modern motorcycles, it is restricted by the way too lean air/fuel ratio, and low speed rideability suffers big time. The usual symptoms are weak idle and low speed running, and the snatchy throttle action that makes the bike less than perfect to ride in the city and in tight corners. 
Tuning the fuel injection to solve the problem couldn't be easier: The BoosterPlug is designed to provide the engine with a slightly richer mixture where it needs it the most and our device is known world wide to be the best and cheapest way to solve the common fuel injection problems.
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The better tuning alternative

10 years ago, there was no way around the Power Commander but it is an expensive device that is extremely difficult and time consuming to set up correctly - and this means that most of them never are !
Letting the BoosterPlug work on top of the stock fuel map to solve the problem have proven to be a much better (and cheaper) real life solution. And the BoosterPlug is simple and easy to install and does not require expensive dyno test bench sessions to set up correctly. Keep it simple: Install the BoosterPlug and go out and enjoy your bike :-)