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Yamaha 1100-and-up Series

You have an engine of the same size as a small car engine - and still it is running poorly at low speeds and throttle action is hard and unpleasant ???
The way too lean mixture is to blame, and it's simply not possible to make a motorcycle engine with virtually no flywheel run properly at low speeds without offering it a slightly richer air/fuel mixture.
The BoosterPlug is fast and easy to install, requires no adjustment, and will solve the rideability issues instantly.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

It's a common misunderstanding that complicated solutions are always better because they give you more options, but having full control over all fuel injection parameters is only an advantage if you can get them all right - and that's why the simple BoosterPlug mostly is able to outperform the well known Power Commander.