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Easy Plug and Play tuning for Husqvarna Motorcycles. Outperforming the Power Commander
See our Husqvarna BoosterPlug model range here.
-Husqvarna 250-501 Series
-Husqvarna 650-900 Series
-Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen Series

Husqvarna Motorcycle Tuning with the BoosterPlug

You would expect your high quality Husqvarna motorcycle to run perfect from the factory, but reality is unfortunately a bit different. The air/fuel ratio provided by the fuel injection system is on the lean side, and the result is a bike that is less than perfect to ride. Poor idle and low speed running and an "on/off like" throttle action are the typical lean mixture issues on the standard bike. 
The BoosterPlug is designed to provide the slightly richer air/fuel ratio that the engine needs to give you full control of the bike and a much nicer ride.

The perfect Power Commander Alternative 

The BoosterPlug tuning device allows you more time to ride your motorcycle because it is made for your bike. Just plug it in using the original connectors, and go out and enjoy the inproved fueling on your bike.
The complicated and expensive alternatives like the Power Commander and similar devices are difficult and time consuming to set up correctly, and the end result will usually not outperform the results from the BoosterPlug.