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Indian Scout


Easy tuning to upgrade performance and rideability

If you want to get the most out of your Indian Scout, the first step is to sort out the fuel injection tuning.
Like all other modern fuel injected engines, the Indian Scout is running leaner than desired in standard tune, and this makes the low speed throttle control horribly on/off like - and the weak idle will often make the engine stall on take off. Not exactly the performance you expected from a premium product...
The BoosterPlug upgrade offers the small controlled fuel enrichment your engine desperately needs to solve the common problems, and the BoosterPlug tuning module is one single unit that is really easy to install - no problematic setup with multiple parts. Plug it in and go out and enjoy your bike - This is how all aftermarket parts should be made !
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The BoosterPlug is the better alternative to improve the fuel injection and solve common problems

There is a fair number of fully adjustable fuel controller tuning parts on the market (Power Commanders and similar aftermarket parts). The thing is that having full control of all parameters in the fuel injection system is not necessarily a good thing, because it puts all responsibility of the result in the hands of your local mechanic, and he is rarely more skilled than the factory's R&D team. And at least 80% of all the programmable and expensive fuel controllers are never set up correctly and will not be the performance upgrade you hoped for.
The BoosterPlug tuning module is using the very good (but slightly lean) factory map as a baseline and will just make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer where the Indian Scout engine needs it the most.
Modern fuel injection systems are rather advanced technology, and changing as much as necessary but as little as possible is mostly the winning strategy to upgrade the general performance and solve the common lean running problems.