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Indian - Full Size models

The first and most important modification on your new Indian motorcycle is to get the fuel injection sorted. Despite the modern and complicated fuel injection system, the engine stock engine is running leaner and hotter than desired, and there is a number of downsides to the very lean air/fuel ratio:
The combustion temperature will be higher than necessary and the throttle will be difficult and on/off like to control at low speeds. And to make things even worse, the idle will be weak and the engine will have a tendency to stall on takeoff.
The BoosterPlug is a cost effective and proven way to solve the common fuel injection issues and is really easy and fast to install.
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Forget about the Power Commander and multiple Dyno sessions to get the bike to run like it should have from the factory. All the possible adjustment on the Power Commander is actually the biggest problem with this device, because there is thousands of ways to set it up wrong - and Power Commanders are never correctly dialed in.
The BoosterPlug fuel enrichment is based on the factory programming and will just make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer where the engine needs it the most. No user programming or hours on the Dyno bench - this is a true "less is more" example.