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Suzuki Burgman Series

The Suzuki Burgman is about easy riding and easy handling to let you focus on the trip itself. So it's no fun to discover that the Burgman is plauged by the same issues that haunts all other modern fuel injected motorcycles.
Idle and low speed running is lumpy, and throttle action is not soft and easy to control, but hard and on/off like.
The BoosterPlug is a proven method to provide instant help - and it is easy to install without any need for endless adjustments and Dyno sessions.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

With the complicated and expensive Power Commander, you can adjust mostly anything, but with a thousand adjustments, the risk of ending up with a poor setup is very big. We know that most Power Commanders are never set up correctly, and the simple BoosterPlug is actually a better and much cheaper solution.