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Kawasaki Sub-650 Series

You would think that a modern fuel injected motorcycle was perfect from the factory, but the fact is that they are all running too lean.
The lean air/fuel mixture is the reason for the weak idle and hard and on/off like throttle action. This makes the bike difficult and unpleasant to ride,
The small controlled fuel enrickment from the BoosterPlug will restore the rideability and make your bike a lot more fun to work with.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The Power Commander is well known and often seen as the universal cure for all things. But in reality, the Power Commander is hard to set up correct (and most of them never are), and actually a overkill device for most owners that just want to have the lean running issues cured. The BoosterPlug will outperform most Power Commander installations - at a fraction of the price.