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Ducati Supersport Series


Simple and efficient tuning

The Ducati SuperSport V-twin engine have a lot of torque in the entire RPM range, but like all modern fuel injected bikes it is running too lean and have drivability problems: Idle is weak and the engine stalls easily, and low speed throttle action is hard and unpleasant. Clearly, the fuel injection tuning is not top notch on the Ducati SuperSport in stock form.
The BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning device will provide the slightly richer air/Fuel mixture that will restore your bike to what it should have been from the factory.
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The BoosterPlug is the brilliant fuel injection tuning alternative

The well-known Power Commander is complicated and hard to set up correctly - and the problem is that most of them are performing the best they can because the owner or the workshop did not have the time or the skills to tune the fuel injection correct.
That's why the simple BoosterPlug outperforms most existing PowerCommander installations on the Ducati SuperSport.
Sometimes simple solutions are superior :-)