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Triumph 1050 Triples

The BoosterPlug for the Triumph 1050 triples was actually developed in cooperation with a group of very enthusiastic Tiger1050 owners from the Tiger1050 forum.
The Test group tested the prototypes numerous weather and altitude conditions on four different continents, and on many different combinations of air filters and aftermarket exhausts. Feedback was extremely positive and the Triumph version of the BoosterPlug was an instant success.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Until the BoosterPlug was introduced in 2009, the only real alternative was the Power Commander.
It’s no wonder that the BoosterPlug is gaining market share day by day, because the simple Plug and Play construction works right out of the box and solves the drivability issues instantly. 
We actually had customers converting from the PowerCommander to the BoosterPlug, because they could never get all the settings on the Power Commander right.