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Suzuki motorcycle tuning made easy with the BoosterPlug fuel injection upgrade
See our Suzuki BoosterPlug model range here.
- Suzuki 250 Series
- Suzuki V-Twin 650/1000 Series
- Suzuki 4 Cylinder Series
- Suzuki Custom Series
- Suzuki Burgman Series

Trouble Free Suzuki Motorcycle Tuning

Tuning your motorcycle is about releasing the full potential in your engine, and the BoosterPlug provides an easy and throughly proven way to upgrade the performance of the fuel injection. The BoosterPlug is installed in minutes, without cutting and splicing cables and without the need for complicated setup procedures and programming. Download the simple installation instructions to locate the installaiton point, click the BoosterPlug in to the original connectors on the bike and you are ready to go.
The BoosterPlug upgrade is build to the highest quality standards to ensure a long and trouble free operational life, and we are backing it up with a lifetime warranty. 

Improving Fuel Injection Performance 

Do you wonder why it's necessary to improve the fuel injection and why the performance on your bike is not perfect from the factory ?
Modern fuel injected motorcycles all have a very lean air/fuel mixture when they are delivered from the factory, and the problems with the very lean mixture in a motorcycle engine are concentrated around the low speed running conditions. The Idle is weak and the bike will be easy to stall on take off. Constant low speeds will be lumpy and the throttle action will be difficult to dose correctly - it is almost like an on/off switch.
The only real cure is to change the air/fuel ratio to a slightly richer level, and this is what the BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning is doing really well - at a fraction of the cost of the very complicated and fragile alternatives.