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BMW K1200 Series

The BMW K1200 engine is a beautiful piece of engineering, but it has always been BMW’s problem child, because of the poor (lean) low speed fueling. 
The BoosterPlug is a proven and popular solution among K1200 owners because it’s way cheaper than the alternatives, and because it does the trick out of the box without the need for dyno sessions or many hours of adjusting settings.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Before the BoosterPlug arrived on the market in 2009, the only real alternative was to install a Power Commander.
The PowerCommander is certainly not a bad device for the BMW K1200, but it takes a few Dyno hours, and a mechanic that knows what he’s doing to get things right. And when you consider that the BoosterPlug will solve the problems at a fraction of the cost, the choice is easy.
We actually had a US-based BMW Service Manager stating (off the record, obviously) that the BoosterPlug is the only known solution to the K1200’s drivability issues :-)