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Tuning Indian motorcycles with the BoosterPlug aftermarket part
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-Indian Scout
-Indian - Full Size models

The best aftermarket tuning part for Indian motorcycles

Your Indian motorcycle is a premium product and not exactly cheap, so you would expect it to run perfect. But like all other modern fuel injected motorcycles, the engine in your Indian is tuned to a leaner air/fuel ratio than desired. And the lean running problems get even worse if you have installed the common aftermarket tuning parts like like performance exhausts and air filters.
The lean air/fuel mixture is causing the engine to run hotter, but will also have a huge negative impact on the low speed rideability because the lean mixture will make the throttle action hard and on/off like. Another annoying problem is the weak idle and the engine's tendency to stall on takeoff.
The small controlled fuel enrichment provided by the BoosterPlug tuning module is a great performance upgrade that will solve the common fuel injection problems and restore the engine to how it should have been delivered from the factory - without complicated installation or the need for multiple additional aftermarket parts.

Fuel Injection performance upgrade alternatives 

The Power Commander and similar aftermarket tuning parts will allow you to change every parameter in the fuel injection, and that is actually the biggest problem with the Power Commander device, because most of them are never set up correctly. So there is a fair risk that you would end up paying a lot of money for a Power Commander plus Dyno time - without getting the fuel injection issues solved !
The BoosterPlug principle is building on the very good (but slightly lean) factory map, and will just make the air/fuel ratio a bit richer in the areas where the Indian motorcycle engine needs it the most. For most Indian owners, this is a far better - and much cheaper tuning solution to get the fuel injection properly sorted.,