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Biker Friend Sticker

Biker Friend Sticker

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Show the world you are a biker :-)

A Biker Friend Sticker on your car is a very positive statement with a number of different messages:

- Tell the world that you are a motorcycle rider
- If you don't ride a bike yourself, you can still show that you support motorcycle riders
- You already know that bikers are the best friends you could wish for. Use the sticker to remind everyone that the vast majority of all bikers are friendly and very sociable people.
- Let the motorcycle rider behind you know that you are an alert and responsible car driver that will be aware of motorcycles in traffic.

In general, the Biker Friend Sticker is a great conversation starter and we have seen people use it on their front door, their mail box, and even on their boat !!!

- The sticker is 10 x 8 cm, or aprox. 4" x 3"

About the Biker Friend idea:

The Biker Friend movement was started by a Danish Biker in 2006, after he lost his brother in a traffic accident. The idea was to make car drivers more alert about motorcycles on the road, and the sticker is a (very) common sight on cars in Denmark.

We have seen the Biker Friend idea starting to spread out across Europe and everyone loves the concept. 

Everyone in the BoosterPlug company are motorcycle riders, and we all use the Biker Friend Sticker on our cars. And as we are shipping orders to motorcycle customers world wide every day, it was an easy decision to team up with the Biker Friend Association to give you and our other customers around the world the opportunity to be a part of the Biker Friend movement.

We only sell the Biker Friend sticker in combination with a BoosterPlug purchase, because we can include it in the parcel without increasing our shipping cost. So if you are not ordering a BoosterPlug today, but still want the Biker Friend sticker, you need to purchase it directly from the Biker Friend Association: