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Solve common BMW R1200RS problems

BoosterPlug BMW R1200RS (2017 and newer)

Price for 1 pcs. 169,95 USD

FREE SHIPPING: Delivered to your address (world wide) in 3-4 days

The BoosterPlug is the easiest and most efficient way to upgrade the fuel injection performance on your BMW R1200RS .

Did you think the complicated Power Commander was the only way to sort out the fuel injection problems on your bike ? The BoosterPlug will offer the better solution at a fraction of the cost.

Installation couldn't be easier - The BoosterPlug comes with the correct connectors to let you plug it in to the bikes wire harnes. No programming required.

Inexpensive performance upgrade, easy installation, proven results:
- Fix the snatchy throttle response problem
- Better acceleration performance
- The end of the dreaded low speed surging
- Stronger idle and less tendency to stall
- Minimize the backfire in your aftermarket exhaust

This version of the BoosterPlug covers the Water Cooled R1200RS models from 2017 and newer.

If your BMW R1200RS is a pre-2017 model, you can find the BoosterPlug for it at the bottom of this page.

General Installation Instructions 
Bike Specific Installation Instructions 
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