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Tuning the Ducati 749 with the BoosterPlug product.

BoosterPlug DUCATI 749

Price for 1 pcs. 169,95 USD

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The BoosterPlug tuning module is the smarter choice, when you want to improve the rideability on your DUCATI 749 without spending a fortune.

The BoosterPlug is the best way to sort out the fuel injection on your bike - without the high cost and the programming problems of a Power Commander. There is no easier way to fix the common idle and stalling problems.

Installation couldn't be easier - The BoosterPlug comes with the correct connectors to let you plug it in to the bikes wire harnes. No programming required.

A plug and play tuning solution to improve your motorcycle in so many ways:
- Improved and softer throttle response
- Better acceleration
- Fix the annoying low speed surging problems
- Removes the weak idle and stalling issues
- Aftermarket exhaust backfire reduced or eliminated

This version of the BoosterPlug covers all versions of the DUCATI 749.

General Installation Instructions 
Bike Specific Installation Instructions