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Aftermarket tuning part for the Kawasaki KLX250.

BoosterPlug Kawasaki KLX250 (2009 and newer)

Price for 1 pcs. 169,95 USD

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The BoosterPlug is the smarter aftermarket tuning choice, when you want to improve the rideability on your Kawasaki KLX250 without spending a fortune on parts.

Optimizing the fuel injection on your bike does no longer require expensive and complicated devices like a Power Commander or similar aftermarket parts - and no time consuming setup procedures.

No complicated mechanical work or programming is required when installing the BoosterPlug. You simply plug it in using the original connectors and you are done.

A plug and play tuning solution to improve your motorcycle in so many ways:
- Much better and softer throttle response
- Stronger acceleration
- Fix the annoying low speed surging
- Removes the weak idle and stalling issues
- Deceleration backfires in the exhaust reduced to a minimum

This version of the BoosterPlug covers all versions of the Kawasaki KLX250 from 2009 and newer.

General Installation Instructions 
Bike Specific Installation Instructions