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Tuning modification for the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535.

BoosterPlug Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 (2017 and newer)

Price for 1 pcs. 169,95 USD

FREE SHIPPING: Delivered to your address (world wide) in 3-4 days

The BoosterPlug is accepted world wide, as a brilliant and affordable modification to transform your Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 from ”OK” to ”Absolutely Marvelous”.

Optimizing the fuel injection tuning on your bike does no longer require expensive and complicated devices like a Power Commander - and no time consuming setup procedures.

The BoosterPlug tuning mod requires no programming or advanced mechanical work, and it's easy and fast to install. Plug and play.

Release the full potential in your motorcycle:
- Soft and precise throttle control
- Improved acceleration
- Say goodbye to the low speed surge issue
- Stronger and more reliable Idle
- Deceleration backfires in the exhaust reduced to a minimum

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of the BoosterPlug tuning modification is only confirmed for the Continental GT 535 from 2017 and newer. The older bikes have a more primitive fuel injection system with no AIT sensor, and then you can not use the BoosterPlug.
It is not completely certain when the new fuel injection ECU was introduced (Royal Enfield is not sharing any information on this) - so if you have a pre-2017 GT535 you may still be able to use the BoosterPlug on your bike.
Please download the installation instructions and check if your bike have an AIT sensor in the air intake tube - before making a purchase.

General Installation Instructions 
Bike Specific Installation Instructions