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Terms and Conditions

We think that purchasing the BoosterPlug should be a quality experience, just like the BoosterPlug itself.

So you will find no fancy fine print here - Terms and Conditions are plain and fair !

 - According to Danish law we must show the Terms and Conditions in Danish language too, so the button below will take you to the Danish version of this page.


The BoosterPlug comes with a lifetime warranty, and conditions are simple:

 - The BoosterPlug is made to last and will do so !
 - If it should fail anyway, please return it to us, and we will send you a replacement.
 - Warranty is void if you do something stupid to the module with a blowtorch or a sledge hammer.

Return Policy

If you for any reason is not happy with the BoosterPlug you can return it for a full refund within a reasonable time. No questions asked.

 - We consider “A reasonable time”  to be 4 weeks from the date of sale.
 - We are not refusing to provide a refund if a module is arriving after 4 weeks and two days because of a postal delay, but sales are considered final after approximately 4 weeks.
 - So please don’t ask about a return/refund after 5,6,7... weeks. And definitely not after a year or two when you sell your bike.
 - Let’s play it fair – both ways.

Price and Payment Policy

You know what sucks: Hidden fees or extra cost that are suddenly added during the check-out process.

We think so too, so the following goes:

 - Worldwide shipping is always included in the quoted price
 - No Credit card fees
 - No PayPal fees
 - No Shipping and Handling fees
 - No fancy add-ons

Payment can be made by:

 - VISA Card
 - Master Card
 - PayPal


The price you see on our website includes world wide priority shipping and all parcels are shipped by DHL Express:

- All orders are send with tracking
- Shipping time is the shortest possible and most customers world wide should receive their order within a week.
Here is the process from you place your order until the BoosterPlug is in your hands:

All orders are picked up from our warehouse by DHL in 1-2 working days after you placed your order.

Orders placed on:

Will be picked up by DHL on:


Tuesday or Wednesday


Wednesday or Thursday


Thursday or Friday


Friday or Monday


Monday or Tuesday


Monday or Tuesday


Monday or Tuesday

After the order is picked up by DHL, the estimated shipping time depends on your location:

Estimated shipping time after DHL pickup

Number of working days

Western Europe

1 working day

Eastern Europe

2 working days


2 working days

Middle East

3 working days

New Zealand

3 working days

South America
Remote Islands

Up to 7 working days


Road use

Different countries have different rules, and using the BoosterPlug on public roads in your country may or may not be legal.
It is impossible for us to be updated on the current regulations in all countries, so it is your responsibility to obey local laws.
The BoosterPlug company can not be held accountable for illegal use of our device.




 - All credit card payments are made through modern SSL Secured Servers.
 - No credit card information will be stored by BoosterPlug ApS.
 - We will never sell or give away your mail adress or phone number to anyone.