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Deer Whistle

Deer Whistle

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Wild life animals colliding with road traffic is a major problem in many parts of the world.

Car drivers may get a dent in a number or a broken head light when colliding with a deer, but consequences for motorcycle riders are way more serious.

The Deer Whistle will produce a high frequency sound that only animals can hear, and it will make them freeze in the bush/forrest instead of jumping out in front of you.

The Deer Whistle requires no electrical power, and is easy to install on any horisontal surface on the bike with the included self adhesive pad.
The YouTube video you can see below is recorded by the founder of the BoosterPlug Company who experienced a deer collision a few years ago:

"I was riding through a small village in Sweden, and my eyes was fixed on the road ahead. I did not see the deer until I was flying over the handle bar, but the YouTube movie clearly shows it sprinting out from a garden and across the road. I was lucky that I just rolled over and ended up sliding on the road - without hitting anything. But when these things happen you have no control, so it was pure luck that I just got away with a few bruises."

Needles to say that everyone in our company are using the Deer Whistle on our bikes now !
We can obviously not guarantee how the wildlife in your local forrest will react, but even if the Deer Whistle would only prevent 50% of the animals approaching the road, it is still a worthy product and a cheap insurance.