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BoosterPlug for bikes from 2021 and newer ?

Why can I not find any BoosterPlug's listed for bikes from 2021 or newer ?

The newest emission regulations means that our bikes are running even leaner than before, and they need the small controlled fuel enrichment from the BoosterPlug even more - so we would obviously love to be able to improve the new bikes too.

But with the new emission restrictions that are enforced from 2021, it is a legal demand that all sensors are monitored, and the manufactorers are obliged to build monitoring systems into the ECU and make sure they flash a warning in the dashboard if any of the sensors are showing signs of being tweaked.

So the sad news is that a BoosterPlugs for the "2021 and newer" motorcycles will sooner or later flash a permanent warning in the dashboard - so the only reasonable solution is to accept that we can no longer launch the BoosterPlug for the newest bikes ;-(  

Here is the detailed explanation:

All fuel injection optimization devices will be affected by the new emission restrictions, and i​​​​​​n regards to the BoosterPlug, we have already seen the sensor monitoring being done in two different ways on 2021 bike models:

- On bikes with a separate air temperature sensor for the dashboard display, it is quite simple for the ECU to compare the temperature for the ECU’s air temperature sensor and the dashboard air temperature sensor - and if there is a constant major difference (with the BoosterPlug installed), the ECU will sense a fault/tweak, and flash a warning in the instruments.
- On bikes with only one air temperature sensor, the ECU will compare the air temperature sensor signal with the oil or water temperature sensor signal when the engine have been stopped for more than 5-6 hours. (When the engine is completely cooled down, the oil temperature and air temperature must be more or less the same).
It is important to understand that this monitoring is a firm demand in the newest emission regulations, and even if the BoosterPlug could probably be made to work perfectly well on the first 2021 bikes, it can all easily change with the first software update on the ECU. 
So if we launched the BoosterPlug for any of the bikes running under the new regulations, we could/would end up in a situation where the BoosterPlug would cause the ECU to report an error after the bike have been to service (which often involves an ECU software update). The customer would obviously blame the BoosterPlug - and we would end up with a bunch of unhappy customers….

This monitoring thing does not only affect the BoosterPlug. The new ECU’s are locked for remapping (ECU flash), and Power Commanders and the horrible O2 eliminators will have the same problems with the arrival of the new emission regulations.

There is no way around this, so we had to make the tough decision to stop developing new BoosterPlug’s and make it clear that we do not support bikes newer than 2020.

e will never sell a product that will make the ECU flash a big fat warning, so it is the only decent thing to do !

Bikes from "2020 and older" are NOT affected by this issue!

There is no legal demand that the monitoring is introduced on older bikes (and the older ECU’s are not prepared for it anyway), and the factories are well aware that a very large percentage of their customers have modified their bikes in the past.

So even if it was technical possible to add the monitoring software to the existing ECU’s, we can be quite sure that the motorcycle manufactorers will not do so, because they obviously know that this is like asking for trouble when 60-70% of all their bikes would report a "Fuel Injection Error" after a software update !