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Engine Damage

Can the BoosterPlug damage or destroy my bike – short term or long term ?

Your engine is safe with the BoosterPlug


The BoosterPlug will not harm your engine or the catalyst converter in any way or shorten its expected lifespan. It's actually the other way round because the BoosterPlug will make the engines life easier and make it last longer.

Here is why:

Modern lean burn engines are running very hot in stock condition because the lean mixture will make the combustion temperature higher.

The small controlled fuel enrichment with the BoosterPlug will cause the combustion temperature to sink slightly, and especially the thermally stressed exhaust valves will thank you for it.

So the slightly richer air/fuel ratio is a great benefit for your engine.

If you make the air/fuel ratio way too rich, there is a risk that the excess amount of fuel will wash away the oil film from the cylinder walls. This is certainly not good for your bike as it will result in excessive wear and/or piston seizure (Very expensive repair). Another problem with a very rich mixture is that it will destroy the catalyst converter in the exhaust.

As you probably know, the BoosterPlug is providing it's small controlled fuel enrichment by tweaking the air sensor signal. This makes the BoosterPlug a very safe solution because there are strict limits within the ECU software to how much the BoosterPlug is allowed to change the air/fuel mixture.

So even in the very rare event of a faulty BoosterPlug, your engine and cat. converter is safe and will never be damaged by the BoosterPlug.