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Installation related Questions

How do I install the BoosterPlug ?


The BoosterPlug comes with the original style connectors to allow you to click it directly in to the mototcycles wire harness - no cutting or splicing of cables required.

The BoosterPlug is connected inline with the original AIT (Air Intake Temperature) sensor on your motorcycle.

The AIT sensor is most often placed in the air filter box, but on certain motorcycles you will find it in the inlet duct near the throttle valve housing or near the headlight. 
Don't worry - our installation instructions will show you where to find the AIT sensor.

When you have located the AIT sensor, installation is really easy, but the position of the sensor is not the same on all motorcycles, and on certain models you will have to remove the gas tank and/or fairing parts to can get to the sensor. 

Your main source for information on how to install the BoosterPlug is these two pages:

- The Installation page - where the general installation process is described.
- The Downloads page - where you can download all installation papers as .pdf documents.

Please note that you need to download the general instruction sheet as well as the additional bike specific instructions.

Where should I install the BoosterPlug sensor ?


Route the cable with the metal BoosterPlug sensor to a place where the sensor is not effected by engine or radiator heat and zip-tie it in place.

Here is a few tips for installing the BoosterPlug sensor:

- Install it in a location where the sensor is recieving a reasonable amount of cool air when you ride your bike.
- Do not place the external sensor behind cylinder heads, exhaust header pipes, or radiator.
- Do not install the sensor where it can "see" the sun.
- If you tie the sensor to the frame of the bike or other metal parts, isolate it from the metal with a piece of rubber. (You want to measure air temperature, not the temperature of the frame)

- The sensor does not need to "see" the full wind speed. It's fully sufficient if there is a reasonable amount of air exchange around the sensor.
- The sensor is not sensitive to rain. (Chill factor is for humans - the sensor does not care !)

How long is the BoosterPlug sensor cable ?


The sensor cable is 60 cm long (That's around 24" for the non metric countries), and that is sufficient to route the sensor tip to a suitable location.

(Some BoosterPlug versions have a very short sensor cable because the original Air Temperature Sensor is placed outside the air filter box - and then the BoosterPlug sensor is already in the right spot and there's no need for the long sensor cable)

If you have special requirements for the sensor location, you can just extend the cable - it's ordinary twin core cable, and a dimension of 2 x 0,5 mm2. (20 gauge) cable is perfect.