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Fuel consumption with the BoosterPlug

What about fuel consumption - will my mileage drop when I install the BoosterPlug ?

The BoosterPlug will not have any significant influence on your bikes fuel economy.


There's no way you can richen up the Air/Fuel Ratio without increasing the fuel consumption - but it's not half as bad as you may think :-)

There are a lot of misunderstandings on this subject, and you will even see professional magazine tests claiming improved mileage after installing a fuel enrichment device. But what they and most people don't know or understand is that fuel consumption is far more influenced by ambient temperature than by installing the BoosterPlug.

Air density is higher in lower temperatures because the air molecules are sticking closer to each other when the temperature drops. One liter/gallon/quart/pint of cold air will contain more air molecules, and the Fuel injection ECU will have to inject more fuel to keep the same Air/Fuel Ratio. So all bikes wil consume more fuel in cold weather, with or without the BoosterPlug installed.

So if you measure your fuel consumption, install the BoosterPlug, and do the next measurement in a lower or higher temperature, you will see either a higher or lower fuel consumption and you will obviously think that the BoosterPlug caused this. But the largest part of this change is actually caused by the shift in ambient temperature.

So if we rule out the temperature effect - what will the BoosterPlug do to my fuel consumption then ?

A very elegant thing about the BoosterPlug solution is that it's only active when you need it - which is in low RPM conditions and during acceleration and engine braking. So the 6% fuel enrichment from the BoosterPlug does NOT mean that your fuel consumption will go up by 6%

Most customers will see the overall fuel consumption go up by 1-1,5%. A little higher in the city or on the racetrack, a little lower on the open roads, and approaching 0% on long highway runs with a steady speed. On some bikes, the BoosterPlug will allow you to go through town in a higher gear which will make these figures a bit lower.

But 1-1,5% seems to be be the average figure - a small price to pay for the improvements you will enjoy every minute you ride your bike.