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When is the engine considered "Warmed up"

A modern fuel injected motorcycle runs great as soon as it is started, and even an older carburettor bike can run without the choke fuel enrichment after less than a mile. But does this mean that the engine is now warmed up and ready to run fast ?


Two very different things to consider !


As mentioned above, the cold engine will failry quickly run well, and will not feel like a cold engine.

The fuel injected motorcycle will run great almost instantly, the carburettor bike takes a mile ot two before you can turn off the choke function, but this is only about the engine now being able to accept the leaner air/fuel mixture without the warm-up-phase fuel enrichment.

It does not mean that the mechanical parts inside your engine have reached operating temperature and that the engine is ready to run fast yet !!!

All rotating and sliding parts of the motorcycle engine have certain tolerences to ensure proper lubrificaton and a long service life. and these tolerences are not correct before the oil and water temperatures reaches a certain level.

So even though your bike may feel great and ready to go fast, you should ride it for at least 5 miles before going full speed. It is no problem to follow the general speed of the traffic with a cold engine - just dont go flat out full speed before the engine internals had a fair chance to reach operating temperature.

So take it easy for the first 5 miles, and your engine will thank you for it and last considerably longer.