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Will the BoosterPlug fuel enrichment make the engine overheat or run hotter ?

Engine Temperature vs. Air/Fuel Ratio


It's a common mistake to assume that a richer mixture will make an engine run hotter, but the reality is quite the opposite.

The lean air/fuel ratio on the stock bike will contain more air molecules, and it is the excess air that will make the combustion temperature to go up.

It's the same principle that is used to cut metal with a cutting torch where you preheat the material with the propane/air flame, and when you press the handle to open the air nozzle to add more air, the temperature is raising significantly and will melt away the metal.

So it is the leaner air/fuel mixture containing a bigger percentage of air molecules that will make the engine run hotter.

The BoosterPlug will make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer, and will actually lower the combustion temperature a bit - and your engine will thank you for it.

Cooling Fan Operation


The fan that is located behind the radiator on your water cooled motorcycle is turned on when the cooling water temperature is too high - so it is the signal from the cooling water temperature sensor that turns the fan on or off.

The BoosterPlug is modifying the air temperature sensor signal to make the ECU calculate a slightly richer mixture, and does not interfere with the cooling water temperature sensor signal.

So the cooling fan operation is not affected in any way when you install the BoosterPlug.