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Power Commander

The Power Commander is much more advanced and have so many features – Wouldn't that be a better solution ?

Outperforming the Power Commander


For the vast majority of bike owners, the BoosterPlug is a better solution. Simple solutions can be brilliant.

The factory's technicians know what they are doing, and the base mapping on the stock bike is actually really good - but slightly lean.

The BoosterPlug is operating on top of the factory programming, so you can say that the BoosterPlug is cooperating with the ECU, not working against it.

This way, the BoosterPlug will just add the little extra fuel your bikes wants for optimum driveability and performance.

With the Power Commander or similar products, you can change almost any setting you can imagine, and most of these products will shut down closed loop operation. This means that you will take full responsibility for the engine mapping, and with so many features to change, it really takes a very experienced guy and a lot of Dyno time to get things right.

Most Power Commanders are never correctly setup, and the simple BoosterPlug will actually outperform +80% of all existing Power Commander installations, because the BoosterPlug is based on the very good factory map, and will just make the air/fuel mixture slightly richer where you need it.

If your bike is a custom made hardcore racer with sharp camshafts and big bore pistons etc. you may well need the Power Commander. If you're like most owners that ride your standard bike, or just fit other air filters and exhausts, you're better off with the BoosterPlug.


BoosterPlug vs. Power Commander.

We are working with a large number of motorcycle dealers, and one of our long term partners have come up with this excellent and non-technical way to explain the difference between the principles in the BoosterPlug and the Power Commander:

- Imagine that the fuel injection computer on your motorcycle is a robot that is painting a wall.

      - The robot is well made, constructed and programmed by skilled engineers that know what they are doing.
      - It applies the paint on the wall nicely and all robot moves are controlled with high precision.
      - Only issue is that the applied paint layer is a bit thin in some areas.

- The Power Commander will disable the original programming and let you take control of all parameters.

      - The result is often like dropping a grenade in a bucket of paint - You will have plenty of paint everywhere, but the result is neither pretty or desirable!

- The BoosterPlug will cooperate with the original computer and let it stay in charge, but will just make the paint layer a bit thicker where needed.

We obviously like this explanation :-)