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Why your motorcycle is stalling at take off or when you open up the throttle ?

You pull the clutch and engage first gear on your motorcycle - open the throttle slightly and release the clutch - and then the engine stalls.
You may be able to take off by giving more throttle and release the clutch slowly, but the engine feels weak and will easily stall, so something is definitely wrong.

Stalling the engine at take off is a most unpleasant and potentially dangerous stalling situation for any motorcycle rider.

The possible root causes for the "Stalling when opening up the throttle" problem.


The basic problem that the engine feels weak when riding at low RPM and it's hard to start riding from a stop without stalling the engine can have several causes:

- Air/Fuel ratio too lean (This is the most common issue on the modern lean running engines)
- Throttle valves not correctly synced
- Throttle position sensor (TPS) not correctly adjusted
- Valve clearances are too tight
- Low compression.
- Clutch not working correctly
- Inexperienced rider