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You close the throttle and pull the clutch - and then the engine dies.

After riding your motorcycle at a given speed for a shorter or longer period, you close the throttle and pull the clutch to let the bike roll - and then the engine dies instead of maintaining a steady idle.

If you have a quiet engine, you may not notice this before you release the clutch and open the throttle again, and you are in for a nasty surprise when the rear wheel locks up.

What will cause the engine to stall when you close the throttle ?


This issue is rarely caused by ignition problems, so we are looking for fuel supply issues or mechanical problems:

- Air/Fuel ratio too lean (The engine may not have problem in colder weather when the air density is high and the engine have more power, but on a hot day the engine will be weaker and may stall)
- Poor fuel map
- Leaking intake rubber hoses between throttle valve housing and cylinder head
- Throttle valves not correctly synced
- Throttle position sensor (TPS) not correctly adjusted
- Valve clearances are too tight
- Low compression.