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Top End Power

Will the BoosterPlug increase the top end power on my bike ?

Facts and fantasy


The BoosterPlug is designed to cure the common rideability problems that plagues all modern fuel injected motorcycles.

These issues are caused by borderline lean air/fuel mixture that the manufacturers are forced to feed the bike (Unlike the cars, the motorcycle have no big flywheel to mask the low speed running problems that is caused by the way too lean mixture).

The BoosterPlug is a throughly tested and accepted tool to cure this problem, and it’s designed to work in cooperation with the Lambda (O2) sensor in the exhaust. This way, you will get the fuel enrichment exactly where you need it (Low RPM and during acceleration and deceleration), but as soon as you maintain a constant speed on the open roads, the Lambda sensor will take over and adjust your air/fuel ratio back to the factory level. This makes the BoosterPlug a very elegant solution because you get the fuel enrichment in the areas where you (your bike) needs it, but without destroying your fuel consumption mileage.

But you should not expect any significant increase in top end power, and you will notice that we never mention top end power on our website.

The BoosterPlug is about “rideability” and this is hard to show in a Dyno graph, and considering the number of false Dyno Graphs you can find on the web, we decided not to enter the “pissing contest” where you see different companies competing to show the most impressing (fake) fairy tale like graphs :-)

Since we started the BoosterPlug company in 2009, it have been our strategy to keep our device in the real world, and not promise more than our device will deliver - and considering that we have sold over 70.000 units to happy customers world wide, it seems like the right choice.