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The basics on why your motorcycle is stalling

There is almost nothing as annoying as having a motorcycle that suddenly dies, and this page will deal with the basics of the stalling problems, and why they occour.

First thing to do in a discussion about the motorcycle stalling problem is to define when we have a stall condition.

The definition of a stall.


We consider stalling to be the situation when the engine dies at idle with the throttle closed, or at very low throttle openings during take off.

A stall can happen in a number of different ways:

- When you open the throttle slightly and release the clutch to take off from a stand still.
- When you close the throttle and pull the clutch after riding your motorcycle at speed for some time.

- When the engine is idling during the warm up phase.
- When the engine is idling at operating temperature.

So we are talking about the situation where the engine for some reason is not able to keep itself alive at lower RPM.

Follow the links above  learn more about the reasons for the stalling problems. 

Excluding issues and problems that are not considered being a stalling situation.

If your engine suddenly dies when you are riding the motorcycle at speed (any speed), your bike have suddenly developed one of these three faults:

- Ignition issues
- Fuel injecion failure
- Mechanical problem

These are all technical problem that suddenly pops up, and this is NOT considered a stall.

To solve problems like these, you need to perform some general fault finding, and we will not be covering this type of problems any further in the stalling discussion.